Top 5 Free Online Games 2019

Life gets busy. It can be hectic. We’ve all had those days when it’s nothing but go, go, go, from the moment we get out of bed. That being said, it is vital that we take time out to decompress and just have fun. Everybody needs to recharge their batteries now and again. You can’t argue that the best way to do that is by sitting down and getting lost in a good game. Gaming has become quite huge these days and it’s one of the most loved forms of entertainment out there, today. So, without further ado, here is a list of the top 5, free, online games, you’ve got to check out.

The first game on our list is “Fortnite – Battle Royal”. This game is pretty massive right now and it’s hugely popular in the gaming world! It was a simple add-on to its primary game, “Fortnite”, but it blew up in a way that nobody thought possible. This game is exactly what it sounds like. 99 other players, apart from you, get thrown into a free-for-all battle. The last one standing wins. The coolest part about this game is that you can play with your friends, and on just about any kind of game device! It is compatible with the XBOX1, PC, PS4, and even iOS Android.

The next free, online game on our list is, “League of Legends.” This game has some really neat graphics, cool character customization, and epic battle moves! You get teamed up and your team will go up against another team in super, epic combat! You can play with your friends or with any other online group. It has some pretty aggressive gameplay. It might take a little while to completely learn. But it is strategic, exciting, and a whole lot of fun!

Game number three on our list is, “Star Wars – The Old Republic.” If you are a Star Wars geek, you have to check out this incredible game! It’s so awesome, you’re going to wonder why it’s free! In this game, you can choose the type of character you want to be and explore the Star Wars universe. This game has some amazing graphics, wonderful gameplay, and it’s thoroughly amusing in every way. You can do a variety of neat things in this game and it is sure to entertain you for hours.

Next on our list is, “Wizard 101.” This is a story based, MMORPG, PC game. Not only is it colorful, fun, and highly immersive, but there is a phonemical amount to do in this game! You can learn spells, get into magical duels, interact with other wizards, and even build your own wizard houses! You can enjoy endless fun on Wizard 101!

The last game on our list is, “Magic Duels.” If you’ve ever enjoyed playing “Magic the Gathering” then you’ll be delighted to know that you can now play it for free, online! You can play with friends or with anybody else online. You can collect and win cards and then use them to battle. This game is strategic, fun, and unique. You can have practice duels with an AI, or you can have real battles against other players.

With all of these amazing game options, what are you waiting for? Quit reading this and go check out these amazing, free, online games today!

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